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  • Access to secure computers and networks directly from your keyboard. Keyboard Dell Smart Card Keyboard KB813 has integrated smart card reader for easy identification.
  • Reliably

USB connection ensures safe and fast data transfers and do not need batteries to him. Spill-resistant keyboard prevents problems when the inevitable accidents drinks.

  • Sit quietly

Low key full-size keyboard with detachable palm rest for convenient work. Keyboard designed for smooth and quiet typing reduces interference

KB813 keyboard with smart card reader from Dell ™ offers high security. It is a comprehensive solution for data protection and intellectual property thanks to a comfortable and stylish keyboard with integrated smart card reader. This keyboard with smart card reader provides for comfortable typing long life, splash-proof, low key and quiet and a detachable palm on palm. Cable connection ensures safe and fast data transfer and validation. The USB cable can be easily connected to virtually all Dell computers. This product has been tested and validated with Dell. When used with a Dell, is covered by the Dell technical support.

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