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Mouse Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse is designed to maximize the comfort of the hand and wrist, allowing users to work all day in comfort. For easiest access to the splash screen Windows 8 is Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse key Windows features.

Video performance: https://youtu.be/92cZ-kXVIME

The shape of the mouse wrist provides a high degree of comfort. A four-way scroll wheel easier for users to move sideways using only the mouse. This is useful, for example on tablets and other devices that require lateral movements. Navigation speed up the return button.
Blue Track technology provides the functionality of a mouse on virtually any surface, including wood, leather and carpets. Together with the compact size, long battery life and easy replacement makes Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse especially suitable as a companion on the road.

The ergonomics of the mouse helps create a natural support for the hand and wrist. Today, the average person spends at the computer for about six hours every day. Proper design of the mouse is therefore important for the prevention of chronic wrist congestion and other problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome.


  • Advanced ergonomic design encourages natural hand and wrist position
  • The angle and height of mice are chosen so that the wrist was in a comfortable position as much as possible to reduce pressure on the carpal tunnel area
  • Selecting thumb helps maintain proper ergonomic position of the hand and wrist
  • Windows button provides quick and easy access to the homescreen
  • Back button for faster navigation
  • Scroll four ways - to scroll left, right, forwards and backwards. Quickly and efficiently navigate all your projects.

System Requirements:

  • Requires a computer that is running one of these operating systems and that satisfies the applicable requirements: Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows RT, Windows 7
  • 150 MB free hard disk space
  • Requires 2 AA alkaline batteries (included).
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