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The Agency calls me, Dash Hudson, into HQ, no doubt to send me on another secret mission. It seemed like the last one was just a few weeks ago. Anyway, I reach HQ and the Director and a group of men I had never seen before were seated in his office.

He hands me a file and gives me a couple of minutes to go through it. The documents tell a strange story of mysterious signals received by ships in an undisclosed location and the disappearance of those ships.

My mission was to go to the location and explore the deep waters as there were reports of strange lights emanating from beneath the sea a few minutes before the ships vanished into thin air.

I am at the exact place the ships were last seen. Mine was a solo mission – as usual – but there is a team onboard the vessel that brought me here with a myriad gadgets and electronics to read signals (in case there are more) and monitor my movements underwater.

I have my wetsuit on with all the gear I need (oxygen tank and flashlight) and armed with a Glock and my Galaxy S8 Plus phone, protected with the Ghostek Nautical Series Waterproof Case. I dive off the vessel and make my way to the deep and dark waters in the deep sea.

At first, I do not see a thing except the usual marine life. But as I go deeper, I think I see a glowing green light ahead and quickly take out my Galaxy S8 Plus to get a video that I can show the boss. The light is coming from a cigar-shaped spacecraft of some sort. I make my way closer to the light.

I must have tripped some silent alarm because the light goes off and it is pitch black but for the flashlight around my forehead. Suddenly, I feel something grab my leg and I quickly get my gun from my belt. I turn around and see a humanlike figure but with abnormally long limbs.

It knocks the Glock out of my hand. I think about my Ghostek Nautical Series Waterproof Case-armored phone and use it to knock the being as hard as I could. I hit his head and he immediately goes out like a light.

I look around and see that there is no one else. I assume that this being is alone and drag him slowly towards the surface. The team is there ready and quickly handcuffs and locks up the strange being to take back to HQ.

Back at HQ, the Director commends me for a job well done. I do not know what happened to the mysterious being I apprehended. I look at my Galaxy S8 Plus and think what could have happened if I did not have the Ghostek Nautical Series Waterproof Galaxy S8 Plus Case.

A few weeks later, a colleague tells me that the spacecraft I caught on video was nowhere to be seen when a team was sent down that very night to investigate it. I guess we will never know what it was or what happened to it. Well, not until this strange being starts to communicate!


Designed by Ghostek® in New York


  • Poly-carbonate Shell with a Rubberized Spring Bumpers 
  • Slim Body Provides Layers of Ultimate Waterproof, Dust-proof, Snow-Proof, Drop-Proof, Shock-Proof Protection (IP68 Certified) 
  • Touch ID / Fingerprint Compatible 
  • Attached HD Clear Scratch Resistant Screen Guard 
  • Easy Access to All Buttons, Controls, Camera, Speaker & Microphone 
  • Supports Wireless Charging 
  • Six Colors to Choose From, Each Coming With a Lanyard 
  • This Case Comes With Ghostek's Lifetime Limited Exchange Warranty. Your case is covered, no matter where you and your globe-trotting life take it.