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Powerful compact charger for power on the go.
Portable charger with USB interface provides four full smartphone charge and is supplied including Micro USB cable and AC power adapter. / 10 000mAh lithium-ion battery / Compatible with all smartphones / Travel 4 gives you full charge

Powerful lithium-ion polymer battery with a capacity of 10,000 mAh - Charger CP-V10A has a powerful rechargeable batteries from Sony. Built-in lithium-ion polymer battery has a charging capacity of 10,000 mAh, which is ideal for charging smartphones, but also tablets, cameras and other devices.
It offers the possibility of up to four charging on the go - Whether you need a quick charge or full charge, the battery charger CP-V10A can charge a smartphone four times before she was discharged. Take it along on camping, on long-haul flight or simply use it as a backup power source.
Compatible with USB devices - With this portable charger you do not deal size - it is compatible with all sizes, so that the device can easily be changed. Thanks to the included Micro USB cable to charge your phone almost every small tablets, cameras, portable speakers and other devices.
Excellent recharge cycle - Hybrid Gel technology makes it possible devices CP-V10A recharged 1,000 times, while the advanced lithium-ion polymer battery retains 90% of its capacity.
1.5A output - Charge your smartphone as quickly as from an electrical outlet.
Checking the charging process through four practical LED - The device is equipped with four-level LED battery status indicator. So you can immediately look to check if you have enough energy to recharge a smartphone, or whether it's time to recharge the device CP-V10A.
Easily portable thanks to the thin, lightweight design - Portable Charger CP-V10A weighs only 242 g, so you can just take and go anywhere you need. Thanks to a thickness of just 17.5 mm, length 127 mm and a width of 72 mm, this charger is about the same size as a small smartphone, and makes it great for those who travel a lot. With elegant design is also perfect complement to your technical equipment.
Micro USB - Now you will never run out of energy already. Charger CP-V10A comes with a micro USB cable, so the battery can at your destination comfortably charge, wherever that may be.

  • Batteriekapazität
    10000 mAh
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