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  • LIQUID DISPERSION TECHNOLOGY - Our patented liquid glass evenly disperses over your entire screen, including existing scratches and scuffs, and hardens to create an impenetrable edge to edge barrier while repairing former cracks and imperfections.
  • THE ORIGINAL, BEST COVERAGE - We were the FIRST to incorporate Liquid Adhesive with High-Quality Tempered Glass. Don't be fooled by the cheap knock-offs.  The Whitestone Dome Glass for the Galaxy N10 Screen Protector is #1 in protecting your entire Note 10 screen. Other competitors don't cover the full screen, which increases your risk of permanent damage by 15%.  And the cheap copycats use poor quality LOCA and cheap glass that can't measure up to our Quality
  • BUBBLE-FREE INSTALLATION KIT - To prevent errors and air bubbles, our install frame and UV curing light are included with purchase. Quality is reflected through commitment, so make sure you have enough time and patience to get an undeniably perfect result.
  • DESIGNED, TESTED, AND TRUSTED IN CALIFORNIA - Patented in US, EU, KR, JP, CN and TW, do not mistake this for a knockoff and see the authentic loca screen protection system for yourself.
  • LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY - Whitestone provides Limited Lifetime Warranty. This means that if your Dome Glass is damaged or worn, you could request a replacement through Whitestone's webpage if purchased from an authorized seller for only the cost of shipping.

Installation is very important to enjoy our product. Please watch the video

Special Installation Notes:

Before you install
1. Remove any pre-installed screen protectors before installing
2. Remove any registered fingerprints that are on the phone
3. Increase touch sensitivity to max

During the install
1. Please make sure your surface is level
2. Place the speaker masking tape on the speaker area of the phone carefully and properly
3. Gently place the installation guide on the glass
4. Wait for the adhesive to touch the bottom of the guide circle before pulling the pin.
(Do Not let the adhesive spread below the line before pulling the pin)
5. Please wait for the adhesive to spread completely before removing the installation guide
6. 1st Cure: 15 seconds on the bottom then 15 seconds on the top
7. 2nd Cure: 1 min on the bottom then 1 min on the top.
8. Final Cure: 1 min on the bottom then 1 min on the top.
9. Re-Register your Fingerprint. Register the same finger in multiple angles